Familiar, relaxed environment.

Labor often progresses most  smoothly when a woman feels relaxed, safe and fully supported. Many women feel most comfortable and relaxed at home and birth best there. Women who birth at home need not worry about leaving for the hospital or birth center too early or too late. Just relax, focus on your work and we will come to you.


Not a single, well-designed research study has indicated that hospitals are safer than the home for healthy women with good prenatal care, a trained midwife or doctor in attendence, and access to hospital services if needed. Research does show, however, that planned hospital births have much higher rates of cesarean sections, forceps deliveries and episiotomies.


When we attend your birth we will be guests in your home. While you can count on me to give you my frank professional assessment, I will respect your opinions and preferences, as well. I realize that homebirth is for parents who want to take an active role in making informed decisions about the birth and well-being of their child.

Family-Centered Care.

You can invite the people you want to your prenatal visits and birth. I do not limit the number or ages of those present. I place your baby on your chest immediately after birth;  your baby will never be taken from you. I do not believe in separating newborns from their parents during these first magical hours.