From Birthing Clients . . .

"When labor started to feel like it was more than I could bear, Julia said all the right things at just the times I needed to hear them - and they were also the right things for my husband to hear, too. Her calming presence helped my husband and me to stay strong and unafraid....  Everything about our baby's birth was positive, and we definitely have Julia to thank for that. All families should be so fortunate."  Roxanne, mother of Margot

Julia "is an excellent midwife in every way, compassionate, wise, supportive, skilled and so knowledgeable about birth and babies.  I especially appreciated that she continually encouraged my education, respected my decisions and allowed me to own the power and responsibility of giving birth."  Katie, mother of Harrison, Travis, Van & Mary Jane

"The minute Julia walks into the room I feel myself relax, physically and mentally.  She is one of the most amazing women I know, not just as a midwife, but as a friend... For anyone who is unsure of having a home birth, having Julia Bower as a midwife is reason enough to do it."  Vanessa, mother of Caroline & Clara

"Julia is truly an amazing midwife. I could not have hoped for better guidance during my prenatal care or my son's home birth. She went above and beyond to assist me in the weeks following the birth, as well, continuing to check on me and suggesting helpful resources until nursing was going well."  Thanet, mother of Mitchell & Brooks

"Julia put me completely at ease and completely in charge of my birth experience.  Her touch is confident and gentle.  I felt totally taken care of during my pregnancy and birth."  Ellen, mother of Hadley & Sofia

During prenatal visits, "I never felt rushed and Julia always let me ask her a million questions. She  has a way of making you feel very comfortable.  The natural birthing experience is true to life.  It's filled with love, fear and many other emotions... yet with Julia's help, the love was the only thing still present when our son was born." Mena, mother of Ezekial