Midwives encourage informed choices. 

In my practice I encourage women and their families to take active roles in their health care. Pregnancy is an ideal time for mothers and fathers to learn more about nutrition, exercise, birth, breast feeding and infant care. This knowledge will help you make informed choices that have a lasting impact on you and your baby. 

Midwives provide personalized care. 

Many women want something more than technological care during pregnancy and birth. We welcome whomever you choose to accompany you during prenatal visits, labor and birth.  I am accessible and respond to your questions as they come up throughout your pregnancy.  I provide continuous support throughout labor and birth. Personalized care not only produces healthy babies, but also strengthens family bonds while affirming your remarkable ability to create new life and give birth naturally.  

Midwives are experts in normal birth. 

Women’s bodies are designed to conceive, grow, birth and feed their babies. Midwives trust this implicitly and well-designed research studies repeatedly show that minimal interference provides the best outcome for low-risk pregnancies.  While obstetricians are experts in complicated or surgical birth, midwives excel at normal birth. Women should have access to both of these strong and respected professions. I consult with local doctors and refer women to them whenever their services are needed. 

Midwifery care is holistic. 

Midwives believe that pregnancy and birth engage a woman on every level.  Her heart opens, her intuition is fine-tuned, and her mind focuses on her baby.  In addition to providing you and your baby with excellent physical care, I am concerned with your emotional and social well-being, as well.  To support women, I sometimes refer them to a one of the many alternative healers or medical doctors with whom I have worked.

Midwife homebirths are affordable. 

My fee is about 1/3 of the cost of a hospital birth with an obstetrician.  Many insurance carriers cover at least part of my services. Because I am an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, UT Select insurance covers 100% of my care and most BCBS plans will cover a portion.